No Limits Fishing offers insight into the fishing lives of the McMullan family.  Two brothers, Brant and Barrett, lead expeditions of fishing adventure from their home port of Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  Fishing is a family affair with the McMullans as Grandpas, Fathers, Mothers, Daughters and Sons all get in on the action. Over the season the family battles Giant Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin, King Mackerel, Amberjack and even sprinkles in a little underwater Spear Fishing for added perspective. Stay tuned in early May for the premier of Season 2 of No Limits Fishing brought to you by ATMC TV!

Brant McMullan


Capt. Brant McMullan “Fish Whisperer” heads up the search for big fish. He utilizes 20+ years of experience as a professional fisherman and a “No Limits” attitude to put the team on fish.

Barrett McMullan


Capt. Barrett McMullan, “Fish Ninja”, is the fishing operations controller. His fluidity in the cockpit and ability to entice, and capture fish is a sixth sense- a finely oiled fish catching machine.

Rube McMullan

Team Member

Rube McMullan; better know as “The GuRube” for his creativity and unrestricted thought process, mined from a lifetime of fishing experience, thus allowing him to “outthink” his fish quarry.

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